Those who have made a good week happen

Before we prepare further for AGoodWeek 2012, thanks go to:
Healers working for free during agoodweek 2011:
Barry, Gaye, Hilary, Jo, Nicky, Roger, Sue

The others on the organising committee:
Graham & Shirley

Those who jumped on-board to offer additional workshops:
Alex Leadbetter, Debbie, Jo Moon,

Thank you to the following leaflet distributers for giving their time:
Barry, Graham, Paul, Shirley,(& all commuters who asked for extra leaflets/cards to pass onto colleagues, family etc.)
those who just turn up and engage)

For the Friday evening session:
Landmark Education:

Mediation Support Ltd as the main sponsor of agoodweek in Hastings & St Leonards, paying for all leaflets, for all use of the Southwater Centre & for all free items being given away this week, whether advertised on or not.

An explanation of Mediation Support Ltd and what it's CEO, Paul Crosland is offering:
Wouldn't you like more freedom to earn your livelihood by following your happiness, or following your interests?
Mediation Support Ltd, initially set-up by me to continue the work I did for five years as "Head of Restorative Justice" at the former national mediation charity, Mediation UK, has evolved and seeks to support you too in living your dream.
Mediation Support Ltd is now more widely working towards more freedom for all, starting with the vision of "a more caring, sharing Hastings". It may be difficult to grasp what I'm about as director of a company working towards that vision, but here goes. Please give me feedback on each of these 4 films chosen to introduce the work in progress. Thank you.

  • Film 1) Paul - Up close and personal -on happiness
and how we handle what others say about this (un?)important topic

(Send feedback on this video to the email address on the left of the blog please)

    • Film 2) Paul & Social Innovation Camp colleagues - Presenting Restorative Justice Innovation
    and how victims and offenders communicate

    • Film 3) Paul being reminded of community engagement by his friend Dom
    - how important it is to engage wider communities in the process of understanding each other in the wake of something that happened (eg a crime) that brought up strong emotion

    • Film 4) Paul - on livelihood concerns in Hastings/ St Leonards [YouTube video to be inserted]

    A series of dialogues about the style/challenge Paul brings:

    These are the opportunities I'm keenest to offer:

    Paul's pitch 1 - work with me & colleagues on a grievance you have

    Please email or phone: (contacts via (UK-wide service)
    Exclusively for Hastings & St Leonards:
    Paul's pitch 2 - co-create  more mindfulness groups/circles in Hastings/St Leonards

    Paul's pitch 3 - co-create more empowerment groups/circles in Hastings/St Leonards
    Paul's pitch 4 - co-create more "sharing & paying it forward" groups/circles in Hastings/St Leonards (#afhh #hastings)

    Mediation Support Ltd
    Southwater Area Community Centre,
    2 Stainsby Street,
    St Leonards On Sea,
    East Sussex,
    TN37 6LA

    SUBSCRIBE to free updates  from Mediation Support Ltd:

    And please TELL anyone who may have any kind of difficulty with another person that they could get a free 'conflict make-over' -or powerful new perspective on what's perpetuating any problem & how to move forward- in just 30 minutes on-line via
    (a UK-wide service run by Mediation Support Ltd)