Tuesday, 3 July 2012

How important is happiness?

It's hard to strike the balance between presenting a local "Action for Happiness" group as carnival fun and presenting ourselves as an organisation working to ameliorate:
  • isolation
  • depression
  • meaninglessness
  • suicide

 J just emailed me saying:

"This [second] video made me realise what a balancing act it is:
to address/include in your invitations those who both do and those who don't want to go deeper.  
People seeing only this video might conclude you're operating in the same area-ish as the Samaritans ..   you might find desperate people approaching you in some numbers ... that's quite a responsibility.       And people who 'just' want a little more expansiveness and laughter in their lives might feel this is too heavy for them. How to cover the range ? Be all things to all people ??
I felt reasured, imagining myself feeling low in your locale,  I could knock on your door and not  be   given just balloons and jokes and a laughter session .... and wondering how you see your rolewith people who are feeling very low/disturbed? "

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  1. Cool website buddy I am gona suggest this to all my list of contacts.