Happiness 101

For a fresh look at Happiness, Hastings & St Leonards Action for Happiness group collect together some different pieces of discussion/ opinion and offer them to you as a taster of how the dialogue might open up at a Happiness 101 session.
This first clip of Happiness 101 material is "The measurement of wellbeing -a radio news piece":

Hastings & St Leonards 
-Action for Happiness
(National organisation website: www.actionforhappiness.org)

- What does the pursuit of happiness mean to you?
& how do you relate to these 3 new social movements:
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  1. Beyond getting a basic income
  2. Beyond mass consumption to collaborative sharing
  3. Breaking old patterns & becoming clear, open, helpful. 
  • When would you like your 1 hour of Happiness 101?
  • Who will you invite to come with you?
  • Where would you like the group to meet?
Answers by email please

Hastings & St Leonards Action for Happiness has a group of "Action Men and Action Women" who, since 12th May 2011 have met to "Dream-Plan-Do-Review". For the latest plan from this group see the page about the latest meeting.


  1. actionforhappiness.org
  2. actionforhastingshappiness.blogspot.com  (Apologies to St Leonards for not being in the title)
  3. streetbank.com (As listed on the action for happiness resources page)
  4. www.sussexcommunity.blogspot.com/p/mediation-support-ltd-at-southwater.html
  5. www.agoodweek.com

Begin living your dream of more happiness for you and those around you by attending or hosting a Happiness 101 meeting.

NB emails to actionforhappiness[at]mediationsupport[dot]info are automatically forwarded to the current central team of Hastings & St Leonards Action for Happiness: Barry, Chris, Gaye, Graham, Paul, Shirley & Sue.

Here's some interviewing Paul has done in July 2011 of the creator of the Bristol Happiness Lectures, Chris Johnstone.

And here are some clips from some of those Happiness Lectures:

And now for a critique of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (which is often mistakenly seen as the main thing that Action for Happiness is promoting!):

And a closing comment on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from a therapist (not overtly CBT) called Paul B:
"CBT is only as good as the practitioner using it and the responsibility and awareness that the client brings. Most practitioners and clients are somewhat lacking and therefore do not make the most of what CBT could offer. CBT is not whole and complete and it is not deeply flawed either."
Mark is beginning a weekly reporting in on books, society, wellbeing and change:

- http://reviewsfrommark.blogspot.com/