Monday, 22 August 2011

Maria Arpa on Fairness & The Dialogue Road Map -training in St Leonards on 9th & 10th September

A sense of "unfairness" is a major cause of unhappiness. This video is Part 1 of two on how 'fairness' is handled in life, and introduces the training being offered on Friday 9th & Saturday 10th September.

More details are in a flyer on the left hand side. Whilst this training usually costs £300, we are this time just asking people attending to give something in their community. See the timebanking blog post below for more on how this works. If you are already giving in your community this will count. From Maria Arpa's time donation to St Leonards, many new hours are already going into growing local community projects. One example of this is Alison Cooper's work on -lending & borrowing neighbours possessions & skills, that you might not have known they had or known they were willing to share for free. (Engaging with streetbank has been called an "anti-riot"; a point of view which I hope spurs you on to share more with your neighbours).

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