The national importance of Hastings and St Leonards Action for Happiness

What we're doing here in Hastings & St Leonards has the potential to lead what the national Action for Happiness movement does, as we are the leading local group.
Paul Crosland, Hastings & St Leonards Action for Happiness co-ordinator; Sue Coates, vice co-ordinator (& Kim Forward, Mayor of Hastings in the middle)

Below are the Milestone events:
  • 16th September 2011: Visit from Director of Action for Happiness, Mark Williamson - meeting people who have engaged with the Hastings & St Leonards Action for Happiness & Mediation Support Centre:

  • 6th August Hastings Carnival
  • 3rd July -America Ground Independents Day Festival on the Prom -meeting Erica, with whom the Bexhill, Hastings & St Leonards Timebank Development Group has been started:

  • 1st July (unsolicited) letter from the local MP -Amber Rudd:
Amber Rudd MP
Member of Parliament for Hastings & Rye

House of Commons

Mr Paul Crosland
Action for Happiness
Southwater Area Community Centre
1-2 Stainsby Street
TN37 6LA

Dear Mr Crosland

I am writing to congratualate you for leading such an inspirational group as Action for Happiness, with the aim of making Hastings a happier place in which to live.

This is a wonderful initiative, and it is so good to know that you and your group are doing all that you can to remind us all of what is important in life, such as connecting with other people, being active and healthy, learning new skills, giving to others, and learning to appreciate the good things in our lives.  Indeed, gratitude is a powerful and energising force for good.

I see that you and your group have been handing out happiness hints to commuters at St Leonards Warrior Square train station, and conducting stress-busting sessions and talks.

I thank you and your group for offering our town such a valuable and positive contribution.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Amber Rudd
    • Last week of June: Mayor of Hastings & St Leonards selects the winner of the competition -winning an Amazon Kindle electronic book reader (see photo at top of the page)

    • 20th-26th June "A Good Week"; many events etc put on for free & engagement with commuters & local residents:

    • 2nd June -First Happiness 101 session on 2nd June, with an unexpected guest, Sherry, who developed "DIY Happiness" Workshops in London (as part of £10million lottery funding), -and who spoke at the 12th April London launch of the national Action for Happiness
    • 12th May - First local meeting of what was called "Action for Hastings Happiness"; re-naming the group "Hastings & St Leonards -Action for Happiness & beginning to plan for AGoodWeek

  • 12th April: National Action for Happiness launch event - including a presentation from Sherry Clarke:

    Group members have also received enquiries from the media as follows:

    Hi - I'm making a Radio 4 documentary about the representation of happiness in popular culture - and wondered whether I might give you a call ( a propos of your involvement in 'Action for Happiness')?

    All best wishes,
    Faith Lawrence
    BBC Radio 4
    I've made contact and also recorded this clip in preparation for more of an interview:

    A second enquiry was as follows:
    & can't wait to find out more about you all. I am starting a new radio
    show in London on Tuesday and really want to feature Action for
    Happiness which I just found out about. There are some weird and
    wonderful connections for me...of all the towns in England aside from
    London where I think I might want to live - it is St. Leonards.
    Secondly, I just lost my dear brother on Sunday, and his BIRTHDAY is
    April 12! His last birthday will have been April 12, 2011, your
    founding date. Is there anyone who would be in London and could come
    sit in during my one hour show at Hammersmith to talk about what you
    are hoping to achieve. I am totally behind you - and this is FREE.
    (community radio) the show is at 4 pm, right across from Hammersmith
    station. Kate
    Contact Hastings & St Leonards Action for Happiness at actionforhappiness[at]