Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Please register to have your three votes & support St Leonards Sharing get NatWest CommunityForce money

Dear Hastings & St Leonards Action for Happiness supporter

Last weekend's inaugural event for the St Leonards Sharing consortium is generating small waves of loving kindness locally; both from the acts of generosity and expansion that are coming in by email/text/phone, and from a number of things happening that I'm not hearing about.
One example is the offers which are being made to support Stuart, the homeless guy who was with us for the two days of the "Words are Windows or they're Walls" training.
I've begun having in-depth conversations with Erica, who has 5 years timebank development work experience in London and is wanting to help with setting up a time-bank. From the 26th of the month, Erica and I are founding a monthly "Bexhill, Hastings & St Leonards" time-bank development group. 
The funding to have a timebank broker in place by the end of the year is something we're seeking from the NatWest CommunityForce fund; we'll get up to the necessary £6,000 if enough people register on the CommunityForce site and use their votes to support the "St Leonards Sharing" consortium.

Please forward this email to friends and encourage them to register, then later check that they've actually registered and voted please. (Voting begins on the 26th)

I've produced a compilation video which shows some of the activities of the St Leonards Sharing Consortium members and am now wondering which of my thirty blogs to publish it on; this blog has the film and the links to the CommunityForce registration page (a two minute task that may make great waves locally):
Kind regards
(Co-ordinator of the "St Leonards Sharing" Consortium :
(Co-ordinator of "Hastings & St Leonards Action for Happiness":

0780 70 66 202 -phone calls often preferred to emails -for connection, clarity and making plans cooperatively.

(Does your local wellbeing group support your personal happiness, your inter-personal sharing, and the wellbeing of all?
Life's short; compose your quarrels. (from The Dhammapada)

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