Monday, 24 October 2011

St Leonards Sharing -Trying to provide clearer navigation

Dear all,

There have been a number of confusions/ misunderstandings about the way I've presented 'St Leonards Sharing'. I copy this now to the blog - and say clearly now that it was never my intention to divert NatWest money to compensate Hastings Pier Victims; I simply wanted to pay back the community for voting for "St Leonards Sharing" in as rich a way as I could. And if I didn't manage to raise this £6,000 for the "Hastings Truth & Reconciliation Commission (& associated reparation fund), my intention was to hold myself publically accountable for this shortcoming.

Unfortunately, it looks like (9 hours before the vote has closed) that the votes have not come in sufficiently for our £6k seed capital and we work on volunteer time and timebanked credits still.
The press release which was not printed by the Observer in the last two editions (much to our collective loss), I have this morning now published on:

Kind regards
0780 70 66 202 - if a call will work better for you than an email?

"St Leonards Sharing" can be explored on the web at these three locations:
1)Our NatWest Community Force page:
2) Our Wiki Site:
3) The Blog about the Timebank etc - this page of which has an intro to Timebanking video by the pier and a link for how you express interest:

Thank you for your time reading this/ actioning it.

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