Monday, 24 October 2011

Big Sister & Lesson to a dinosaur

Dear 2 of the main 4 Sue's I'm in at least fortnightly meaningful contact with (not to mention all the meaningless Sues!),

You two both have inadvertently expressed interest in seeing the film Big Sister (about women door-knocking for so I want to arrange for the three of us to watch this together at one of your old town addresses. How does that sound?
For those of you reading this message on a blog your chance to watch 'Big Sister' (& then ask the local Action for Happiness group for neighbour-introduction services) begins here:
For Sue B, if there's no exams in May, can we make a plan that gets you on:

"Six week door-to-door appeals

Women: 14th April - 26th May 2012"?

Also, for info, as I still want someone to know how the blog works if I get run over, you'll see this post is going there ( automatically, thanks to the email address that I have now shared with just you two.

And here's the last post:

Thank you for your time reading this/ actioning it.
Please do NOT reply to all unless you want your reply appearing on the blog!

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