Monday, 24 October 2011

Clowning about whilst NatWest voting for 'St Leonards Sharing' Timebank ends at noon

Hello to anyone interested in St Leonards developments & beyond,
I'm still wanting to get loads more to St Leonards residents at no cost and Maria Arpa from has rung this weekend and offered to come down again before Christmas to provide more team-building support.
There are now 7 roles to be filled (a commitment of 6 hours a month) to power the St Leonards Sharing Timebank & you earn credits for those hours too so it's a win-win-win(St Leonards being the last win) if you contact me and offer some volunteer time- or come along to a Timebank monthly meeting to learn more - there's one at 11am today, even!

Clowning workshops I'm trying to get here soon so here's the message just sent to my mentor in clowning:

> "Hello Jayachitta, I hope that you are well? It may seem strange to you that I get up in the middle of the night just to send this message. For me it has become time to carry on our dialogue about what I could do for you that's worth as much as money. I'm confident that you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn how hours put into St Leonards can now be reclaimed in hours delivered by a range of skilled people local to you in London. Today, the St Leonards Sharing Timebank takes it's next major step -in an 11am meeting, and we have someone from East Sussex County Council visiting to see how we are innovating here and support this initiative which is now keeping me up at night & will hopefully lead to a clowning workshop or two from you down here. As I'm very interested in the 'Silver Dreams' lottery project goals too (which will have funding attached), I'm also interested in how you'd tailor clowning for less mobile senior-citizens?
> Kind regards
> Paul (that guy you accompanied around the streets of NW London door-knocking one fruitful night.)" -web link for an introduction to Timebanking.

Before noon on 24th October -if you haven't yet- please go to the address where you can make the difference to St Leonards Sharing getting another vote of support, even though it's now unlikely that we'll get the £6,000 prize from the NatWest bank.
The address for info about "St Leonards Sharing" is
You can also gonthere to become a volunteer - which will boost the St Leonards Sharing Timebank.
Thank you for your time reading this/ actioning it.

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