Thursday, 15 September 2011

Not only is it a question of how much frustration you are willing to sit on

One route into deep happiness work is through a training in communication.
The key lesson for me from Maria Arpa's training last weekend was about frustration - how much you are willing to sit with, before you do something to try to change it. (Then the question is how aware and flexible is your capacity to respond creatively to the feedback you get from the universe when you choose to do something about your frustration).

The other half of it, as I see it is how much opportunity are you willing to miss out on?
(Most likely reasons to miss opportunities include
1) not liking/trusting the person offering the opportunity, 2) feeling low in energy/motivation/creative space
3) holding onto views about how you want to be treated by the person offering the opportunity (status concerns)
4) being out of touch with your power (& imperative) to evolve

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