Friday, 16 September 2011

Director of @actionhappiness, Mark Williamson visits our group; A red letter day of mutual appreciation

The longer video of Mark meeting the group is on this page:

Vote for funding from the NatWest CommunityForce fund. It's easy to register so that you'll be able to vote to support St Leonards Sharing Consortium, when voting opens on 26th September. Please spend two minutes on registering for your three votes now, before you forget. The NatWest CommunityForce page for the "St Leonards Sharing" project is here.

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  1. One thing that strikes me about something Carol said about meeting people who need help at their coffee mornings. I think that is a good thing in that people feel able to come forward with their difficulties so they must feel it's a safe place to do so; that's a success. And the next thing is---how does the group address helping those needs in a neighbourly way? Does it need a strategy for this , or is it just person to person commonsense at the time? It's a wasted opportunity if nothing happens for them