Monday, 12 September 2011

Application to join St Leonards Sharing Consortium, which is FREE (both for associates & full members)

Application to join St Leonards Sharing Consortium, which is FREE (both for associates & full members)

Below is the first draft of all the questions considered to put out there. The shorter interactive version -so that you can leave your interests/details is here.

1) Are you expressing interest as an Individual or a group?
2) a) Your Name:
b) Your Group's name, if applicable, your position in the group & the geographical area that the group covers.
3) Tel number
4) email
5) Other Internet? Eg a website you'd like us to see to get more of a sense of your interests, twitterstream, willingness to receive/make a friendship request on Facebook etc?
All the following questions are OPTIONAL; ie you don't need to answer any of them to be an associate of SLS; and if you do then there's more opportunity to receive the benefits of full membership.
B1) Please rank these objectives in terms of priority to you and cross out any that seem irrelevant to your interests:
Increase interaction between people who do not ordinarily meet, such that greater understanding and trust is built.
Share resources within the community, not least of which is the encouragement of privately owned resources to be increasingly made available to others in the community by promoting initiatives such as streetbank etc and making resources offered on-line more accessible to those who do not use the internet.
Encourage the recognition, development and offering of skills in the community through the process of timebank brokerage, or similar initiatives.
Promote wellbeing, initially with reference to the "5 ways of wellbeing" as published by the New Economics Foundation and combining these with learning from the St Leonards Community in the development of local wellbeing groups
Share understanding of ways to work constructively with difference and empower people in handling their own differences with others such that 'systemic win' is in mind, opening up possibilities not just for 'win-win' between individuals but also for a stronger community for having worked through and learned from the differences between individuals.
Encourage the development of local community-based caring structures, enabling individuals to have more choice in how their care needs are met.
Generate creativity in relation to how St Leonards becomes a more "caring and sharing place".

B2) Is there an additional objective or two that you'd like to recommend be adopted by the consortium?
B3) Please estimate how many emails you'd be comfortable with receiving in the next 6 months about how the work is going on fulfilling these shared objectives?
B4) How often would you like a face to face contact with the consortium in the next 6 months and/or a phone call?
B5) Preference Phone or face to face?
B6) Home Address
B7) The neighbouring 4 streets (This is for forming local well-being groups)
B8) Work Address
B9) The neighbouring 4 streets to your work address (This is for forming local well-being groups around your work place location)
B10) what support would you like from the consortium?
B11) what contribution do you forsee making to the consortium?
B12) Approximately, how many hours a month social activism do you do - so that we can consider giving you time bank credits for this work?
(If more than 0, please describe that work)
B13) Are you able to provide any hours (credited of course) to the work of the consortium? If so, how many?
B14) Are you a member of or ?
B15) What is your impression of St Leonards Sharing Consortium so far?
B16) How soon will you be likely to visit ?
B17) Anything else you'd like to say?

 leave your interests/details here.

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