Sunday, 12 June 2011

We get richer by sharing what we have

Not just another Sunday, I hope? Hopefully one in which we each unleash some of our wealth and get richer by sharing it on streetbank. Next Saturday is not just another Saturday; 4pm at the Southwater Area Community Centre (Mediation Support Ltd Office), St Leonards, is a cup of tea with new streetbank friends and the unleashing of the first depot.
My advice is don't just lend to friends; use websites like streetbank, or even the one I co-created ( to lend what you have and make new friends. What's the risk; something that's minuscule compared to the potential benefits. And if you want me to insure you against the risk of lending stuff to strangers, I will for free. (Offer open primarily to those who attend the 4pm session with tea next Saturday.)

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