Friday, 17 June 2011

The 'Hastings & St Leonards - Action for Happiness' group intention

Proposed text from Paul:
Hastings & St Leonards -Action for Happiness promotes generosity & works to support a network of local well-being groups, linking in with the national Action for Happiness organisation.
Some of us are happier talking about 'well-being' than 'happiness'; even if happiness is what we are pursuing much of the time.
In groups (as well as in our own private learning) we build and share our vital happiness skills. We value gratitude and celebrate the diversity of backgrounds and beliefs that we each bring about what matters most in life. Some of us try to find ways for there to be wider community benefits from our wish for all to be well & happy.

You can join in by:
  1. Attending an Introduction to Happiness (Happiness 101) Session.
  2. Going away and reflecting on what you might be able to get from further meetings about happiness, and what you'd like to give to others.
  3. Inviting friends and enabling neighbours to join in a local well-being group.
  4. Developing a vision of the difference to self and others that your main well-being group wants to make (Here's one example of what a local wellbeing group might work towards: a system called Care4Care which involves those in their 40s, 50s and 60s investing time in caring for neighbours, as inspired by Prof Heinz Woolff here).
  5. Finding the strength of mutual-support to make the world around us a place of greater caring, sharing, and well-being.

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