Sunday, 19 June 2011


The full programme for AGoodWeek is here; please note the film at 7pm, which was left off some earlier publicity.
Monday's leaflet in AGoodWeek has the following text:
TRY Extra acts of kindness

Doing things to help others is not only good for the recipients - it has a positive payback for our happiness and health too. When people experience kindness it also makes them kinder as a result – so kindness is contagious!
As the saying goes: "if you want to feel good, do good"
Try performing an extra act of kindness each day.
The act may be large or small and the recipient may not even be aware of it.
Ideally your acts of kindness should be beyond the kind things you already do on a regular basis.
Do at least one extra kind act each day for a week, ideally a different one each day.
Here are some ideas for acts of kindness:

1. Take time to really listen to someone
2. Have a conversation with a stranger
3. Pick up litter as you walk
4. Let someone in front of you in the supermarket queue
5. Tell someone they mean a lot to you
6. Offer your change to someone struggling to find the right amount
7. Buy cakes or fruit for your colleagues
8. Invite your neighbour round for a drink and a chat
9. Tell someone if you notice they're doing a good job
10. Say sorry (you know who to)
11. Forgive someone for what they've done
12. Visit a sick friend, relative or neighbour
13. Buy an unexpected gift for someone
14. Pay for someone in the queue behind
15. Do a chore that you don't normally do
16. Donate your old things to charity
17 Give food to a homeless person and take time to talk with them
18. Visit someone who may be lonely
19. Give blood
20. Get back in contact with someone you've lost touch with
21. Volunteer your time for a charity

(from the Happiness Action Pack at
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