Friday, 17 June 2011

next week's AGoodWeek got a mention in the local paper last week, but not this week

There was a letter mentioning 20th-26th June's AGoodWeek last week in the local paper; for the full programme see here.

The letter that went this week to the Hastings Observer was perhaps too critical of the prevalent type of journalism that leads us away from happiness?

Try gratitude & generosity 4 AGoodWeek

For a headline that encapsulates the politics of greed and the politics of envy, you couldn't have done much better than last week's: "48 council staff on double the average Hastings wage". How about for just one week, trying gratitude for what we have here and generosity? Gratitude and generosity builds well-being; greed and envy does not. Seeing as the 20th-26th June is a global celebration of all people, communities and businesses making the world a healthier and happier place, called AgoodWeek – , do come and enjoy local acts of generosity with healing sessions, yoga, films, discussions and an innovative "streetbank" being provided for free at the Southwater Area Community Centre, as part one of the “Hastings & St Leonards - Action for Happiness” activity.

Many thanks for your kindness in printing this,Paul Crosland (actionforhappiness[at]

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