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Comments please on Draft one of the "Ethical Outings in Hastings' leaflet written tonight

Is this the year that 'The Truth Will Out?' & what will be your role in that process?

Example 1:
Who knows who burned down the pier?
What are they doing about it?
What power do you have to encourage them to do this?

These are just three of the things addressed on
"Ethical Outings in Hastings"
- a two hour trip around a theme of (social) justice in Hastings & St Leonards.

Your tour guide between 4.30pm & 6.30pm is Paul Crosland, AKA "The Imperfect Idealist", whose (ethically controversial) credentials include being invited by Tony Blair to 10, Downing St to be personally thanked for many years work "on behalf of the victims of crime".

Paul Crosland's 2011 Book "The Imperfect Idealist is dedicated

"To Stefan Gilmore...." (as per the YouTube films on the December 2011 pages of

(Alternatively, searching YouTube for the 'Man of Many T-shirts').

This book is for sale for a price of £minimum wage x 3
Or three hours credit from "St Leonards Sharing" Timebank.

The cost of the tour is
£minimum wage x 2
Or two hours credit from "St Leonards Sharing" Timebank.
( or call into Southwater Area Community Centre for more info)

You can join the Timebank by providing two referees and agreeing to the conditions and will be allowed to go up to 3 hours in deficit before being expected to give some time back to helping others near you.

All tips given at the end of any tour will go to - the charity which your guide left working for in order to move to St Leonards (& more specifically Southwater Road) in order to begin a community-wide process of addressing the causes of fires such as the Hastings Pier Fire, until everyone feels in their heart that justice has been done in St Leonards & Hastings.
[Other side of the leaflet]

Ethical Outings in Hastings

Alternate Thursdays between 5th March and 5th October (the anniversary of the 2010 Pier Fire)

Southwater Area Community Centre

Trains arrive from Brighton/ London Victoria:
Trains arrive from London Charing Cross:
Trains arrive from Ashford/ Hastings:

You are welcome to visit Southwater Area Community Centre from 4pm onwards for drinks etc and more information about St Leonards Sharing Timebank. The Ethical Outing begins itself at 4.30pm and finishes at The Stade, in 'the Old Town' part of Hastings.
(Wheelchair-friendly routes will be taken on days when wheelchair users turn up)

Films about these outings can be found by searching on YouTube for the Toothpaste007 Channel (please subscribe) or just enter the phrase: "Ethical Outings in Hastings" in your search for meaning & a more ethical Hastings & St Leonards.

With love from
(Ethical Outings in Hastings
- who would you shop? How will you act to get justice in Hastings? What does 'social justice' in relation to the pier look like to you:

The 'Man of Many T-shirts'
(looking out in 2012 for a sponsorship deal from a T-shirt printers)
& YouTube Channel Toothpaste007

Tel 0780 70 66 202 - please consider calling for more connection than an e-mail; I'll probably have some minutes (2,000 a month) to call back.

Buddhist Tools for Living,p33:
"Most of us talk to ourselves; there is an internal voice providing us with a running commentary on our day. What is the emotional tone of this voice? Are we talking to ourselves in a way in which we wouldn't dare talk to others? Is the voice harsh, moaning, or over-critical? If so, can we soften the voice, and let it be kinder and more forgiving?

Or is it a voice of self-pity, feeling let down by other people and blaming the world for our misery? Such self-pity is corrosive. Even if we HAVE been let down by others, it is no use wallowing in these feelings. Eventually we need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down, and start again. In order to be able to do this, we need to acknowledge our pain, admit to ourselves that we were hurt, and bring to this hurt a sense of kindness.

P34 We can remind ourselves of our positive qualities. ...I often work by imagining qualities that I would like to develop. ...I see how I could be different. Then I actually start to FEEL different.

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