Wednesday, 11 January 2012

St Leonards Sharing TIMEBANK , "Ethical Outings in Hastings" & the 2nd anniversary of the pier fire.

PRESS RELEASE (On the first day of demolition of another UK Pier - Great Yarmouth)

St Leonards Sharing Timebank now enables you to earn credits to go to the local theatre.

Before securing the Timebank deal with The Stables, The Odeon & The Electric Palace, a performance is taking place at Southwater Area Community Centre, followed by a weekend dedicated to establishing & training the Hastings Community Justice Panel. (Being head-hunted for these posts on the Panel are those most concerned about a just outcome for those who were on the pier on 5th October 2010).

So here's the story line for the 5th October 2012 performance of the drama "Ethical Outings in Hastings":

'In Hastings, the town that is the last bastion against the invasion, the pier burns down and, though two individuals who jumped off the burning pier are apprehended, no one is charged. In storms Paul Crosland (like a bull in a china shop) and his angel friends with some wacky ideas about how justice could be done; not to mention his gaggle of blogs like &

As it says in Hamlet; "the play's the thing wherin we'll catch the conscience of the king".
However, unlike 'decisive Hamlet', my first script writer thinks that this play is "all talk" & I have much dynamic tension still to build in. Thus there will be some action to on the night of the 2nd anniversary relating to the ethics of "outing" people and making life more wonderful for all.'

To see what happened on the first anniversary of the pier fire at the Southwater Centre, facilitated by myself, click here:

Put the second anniversary of the pier fire in your diary now!

In February 2012 a booking form will be in place on

Admission price of the play is 2 hours timebanked - or equivalent. &
Cast vacancies continually available as I seem to teeter people over their edges!

Earn more St Leonards Sharing Timebank credits by acting for justice!

With love from

Tel 0780 70 66 202 for more connection than an e-mail; I'll probably have the spare minutes to call back.

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