Monday, 16 January 2012

Alaistair Campbell has praised David Cameron for "happiness" & related news over 4 days

The praise is for Cameron's adopting happiness as a goal of government policy.
The newspaper article was headlined: "PM's 'happiness plan' could lift Ed's spirits says Campbell" and is based on words within Alaistair Campbell's e-book "The Happy Depressive".
"It is Cameron who is taking up some of the ideas presented to the predecessor on whom he sometimes models himself. There is a certain amount of courafe required to adopt this approach right now, against the current political backdrop of economic turmoil, austerity, cuts and riots," Mr Campbell says.
(Full article in  The Independent on 12th January 2012 here)

A blast to the Happiness Agenda comes from Isabel Oakeshott in the Sunday Times piece on 15th January (page 13), entitled:
"Sorry, PM, money makes us happy"
The debate continued on the "Today programme" on Radio 4 on Monday 16th January 2012, just before 9am. Lord Layard defended the basis for setting up the "Action for Happiness" organisation:

(On the iPlayer, Slide your slider to 2 hours: 54 minutes and 32 seconds to hear the start of this discussion) 

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