Friday, 13 May 2011

update from the latest meeting

6 of us attended last nights inaugural meeting which had been advertised in 4 ways:
- Leafleting Economics of Happiness Film
- Link to this blog from
- Speaking to local friends
- Posters in windows at the Southwater Area Community Centre
- Facebook profile news updates

The last two methods, on this occasion, yielded no attendees.

We held a 'Happiness 101' session and formed a separate planning group, focussing on 'A Good Week' (20th-26th June), by the end of which many will have received things for free from us and be more connected with others and activities they value in Hastings & St Leonards.

(More on the plans etc will follow)
Next happiness 101 meeting (for new people) is Thursday June 2nd, 8-9pm at the Southwater Area Community Centre.

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  1. can't wait to find out more about you all. I am starting a new radio show in London on Tuesday and really want to feature Action for Happiness which I just found out about. There are some weird and wonderful connections for me...of all the towns in England aside from London where I think I might want to live - it is St. Leonards. Secondly, I just lost my dear brother on Sunday, and his BIRTHDAY is April 12! His last birthday will have been April 12, 2011, your founding date. Is there anyone who would be in London and could come sit in during my one hour show at Hammersmith to talk about what you are hoping to achieve. I am totally behind you - and this is FREE. (community radio) the show is at 4 pm, right across from Hammersmith station. Kate