Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Good Week for India will follow in Hastings

I'm very pleased with the call just received from India. Nagamitra wants to spend at least a week with me this summer fundraising in Brighton, Hastings and London for http://nagaloka-dream-cycle.blogspot.com/
The target I've set is to raise £36,000 this summer to support the empowerment of (would-be) students such as Puja (No1 Below):
"1. Bhagwan from Orisa, he dont have parrent, he is very good boy really very honest and really very much connected with the dhamma and he wants to do study more effectively, he has very big dream to achive and certainly, I will recomond him.

2. Puja(Girl) from Gadchiroali,(Naxlite) area, she is also in very much difficult situation, I really like to get help her, her village in such place where there is Nothing, no electricity, not roads not good water no mobile towers not any connection if she wants to do anything she has to spend whole day for the getting bus or any convenient, very difficult. so I would recomond her too."
Paul Crosland and Nagamitra at Nagaloka training institute, Nagpur (the central city of India), December 2010 
If you have a vision that goes beyond the UK, why not resource a student in building their confidence and ability to become community leaders in their home villages and towns (all for less than £1/day) - see the Nagaloka Dream Cycle Website here

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