Monday, 18 July 2011

Now the first "A Good Week" is over, what do you do in the same building?

Hastings / St Leonards 
Action for Happiness 
& Mediation Support Centre
At the centre by St Leonards Warrior Square Station, the UK's leading "Action for Happiness" group & Mediation Support Ltd provides:
  • Happiness 101 sessions (as an introduction to developing "life's most important skill")
  • Support for setting up local well-being groups. (These groups generate mutual support & skills sharing within neighbouring streets)
  • The first UK depot for - hundreds of household resources being shared via the Southwater Area Community Centre.
  • A space for free complementary medicine sessions for the local community.
  • Support with inter-personal conflicts and award-winning innovation in communication between crime victims, their offenders and the wider community.
  • Courses which support personal empowerment and the ability to "harvest the fruits of all the conflicts we inevitably have".
  • "Good Weeks" and "Festival Tents which offer a happiness experience" (Some earlier work Paul did in a free tent got written-up in the book "The Moneyless Man" -extract here)
The work of the Hastings/ St Leonards Action for Happiness & Mediation Support Centre & it's founder, Paul Crosland, has been endorsed not only by the local MP, but by a partner-charity (the Centre for Peaceful Solutions), by youth offending team and police staff, and by a quick petition from over 40 people who engaged with and supported our work during our recent agoodweek, and who all wanted us to ask for rent money for the voluntary work to continue for the coming year.
Some of these endorsements are on:

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